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  关于工作(About Job)


  面试例题1:What range of pay-scale are you interested in?



  Money is important, but the responsibility that goes along with this job is what interests me the most.



  To be frank and open with you, I like this job, but I have a family to support.


  面试例题2:What do you want most from your work?



  I hope to get a kind of learning to get skills from my work. I want to learn some working skills and become a professional in an industry.


  面试例题3:Why did you choose us?(你为什么选择到我们公司来应聘?)


  As the saying goes, "well begun is half done". Your company is a famous one in the industry and boasts a high reputation. I hope to choose your company as the beginning of my career. I can not only learn new things, but set a solid foundation for my future career as well.


  面试例题4:What do you hope this job will give you?



  I hope this job will give me a chance to take responsibility. I think people can only become mature by taking on responsibility. I hope this work will give me the chance to develop fully.


  面试例题5:Why should I hire you?(我为什么要雇用你呢?)


  I feel that my qualifications match your job description. I have a proven track record in resolving problems, multitasking, and dealing with customers, as you can see from my resume.


  面试例题6:What can you offer this company?



  In addition to the skills and experiences we discussed, I'm an extremely hard worker, I'm very thorough and methodical, I get along great with people, and I'm a quick learner.


  面试例题7:Great! So when can you start?



  I have to give two weeks notice, which is just enough time to complete my current project. I can start any time after that.


  面试例题8:Can you tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses?



  I'm loyal, honest, I manage my time effectively, I always follow through on my work, and I have great computer skills. Umm, I can't really say I have any major weakness that affects my performance at work. I believe in continual learning and on-the-job training I can perform even better. Sometimes, I think I'm too hard-working, but I really love my work.


  面试例题9:How do you normally handle criticism?



  Silence is gold. Just don't say anything; otherwise the situation could become worse. I do, however, accept constructive criticism.


  When we cool off, we will discuss it later.


  面试例题10:What do you find frustrating in a work situation?



  Sometimes, the narrow-minded people make me frustrated.


  Minds that are not receptive to new ideas.


  面试例题11:How do you handle your conflict with your colleagues in your work?



  I will try to present my ideas in a more clear and civilized manner in order to get my points across.


  面试例题12:How long would you like to stay with this company?



  I will stay as long as I can continue to learn and to grow in my field.


  面试例题13:What contribution did you make to your current (previous) organization?



  I have finished three new projects, and I am sure I can apply my experience to this position.


  面试例题14:Why did you leave your last job?(你为什么离职呢?)


  Well, I am hoping to get an offer of a better position. If opportunity knocks, I will take it.


  I feel I have reached the glass ceiling in my current job. I feel there is no opportunity for advancement.


  关于个人(About Person)

  有时候招聘方会提到有关求职者的个人信息的话题,以此判断求职者是否符合他们的要求。例如有些工作需要方言和人脉,适合本地人来做;有些工作需要经常出差,单身的人就有优势。但是有些问题涉及到个人隐私,求职者不方便回答,例如招聘方问:“I noticed you're wearing a wedding ring. Do you have any children?”这时最好的回答就是“Why do you ask?”这样可以掌握主动,了解招聘方真正的意图,也许招聘方只是想知道求职者是否能长时间留在他们公司。

  面试例题15:What leadership qualities did you develop as an administrative personnel? (作为行政人员,你有什么样的领导才能?)


  I feel that learning how to motivate people and to work together as a team will be the major goal of my leadership.


  I have refined my management style by using an open-door policy.


  面试例题16:How would your friends or colleagues describe you?



  Pause a few seconds.


  They say Mr. Chen is an honest, hardworking and responsible man who deeply cares for his family and friends.


  They say Mr. Chen is a friendly, sensitive, caring and determined person.


  面试例题17:What are your strongest traits?



  Helpfulness and caring.(乐于助人和关心他人。)

  Adaptability and sense of humor.(适应能力和幽默感。)

  Cheerfulness and friendliness.(乐观和友爱。)

  面试例题18:What personality traits do you admire?



  I admire a person who is honest, flexible and easy-going.


  I like people who possess the can-do spirit.(有实际行动的人。)

  面试例题19:How do you handle your failure?



  None of us was born perfect. I am sure I will be given a second chance to correct my mistake.(我们大家生来都不是十全十美的,我相信我有第二次机会改正我的错误。)

  面试例题20:What's your greatest weakness?





  I tend to drive myself too hard.(我总是让自己太辛苦)

  I expect others to perform beyond their capacities.


  I like to see a job done quickly, and I'm critical if it isn't.


  面试例题21:How do you rate yourself as a professional?



  With my strong academic background, I am capable and competent.


  面试例题22:If you had a lot of money to donate, where would you donate it to?Why?



  I would donate it to the medical research because I want to do something to help others.


  I prefer to donate it to educational institutions.(我乐意捐给教育机构。)

  面试例题23:What kinds of people do you like to work with?



  I like to work with people who have pride, honesty, integrity, and dedication to their work.(我喜欢和有自尊、为人正直诚实、并且乐于奉献的人一块儿工作。)

  关于未来(About Future)


  面试例题24:Could you project what you would like to be doing five years from now? (你能预料五年后你会做什么吗?)


  As I have some software management experience in my last job, I may use my organizational and planning skills in the future.


  I hope to demonstrate my ability and talents in my field adequately.


  Perhaps, an opportunity at a management position would be exciting.



  It would be premature for me to predict this.(现在对此问题的预测,尚嫌过早。)


  Hypothetically speaking, I might be able to do your current job as a software project manager.(CEO / president。)

  I hope to demonstrate my ability and talents in my field adequately.


  面试例题25:What specific goals have you established for your career?



  My goals include becoming an expert software project manager, so I can obtain a better working knowledge of both software technology and communication with my clients, which would allow me contribute to my client base as a better software services since I would have that extra insight into the requirements they are looking for.


  面试例题26:What will it take to attain your goals, and what steps have you taken toward attaining them?



  I would like take the following steps. First of all, I will study some kinds of software technologies including system programming and application programming. Secondly,I will learning how to communicate with both my team members and my clients. Finally I can find my strongest suit which is toward to type of technology or type of management.


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